With the help of the Rebuilding Together Organization, we came in contact with Ellen and Roger; a couple living in the Burien area just south of Seattle. They have been heating their home for 46 years by chopping wood in the back yard and burning it in a wood fire stove. Roger, who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer has been bed ridden for months and Ellen’s hip has left her with unstable balance making it difficult to chop wood and heat the home. In early October 2017 before the cold season began, Greenwood Heating Installers volunteered their time to go to Ellen and Roger’s home and with the help of Mitsubishi Electric, we were able to donate and install a 2 zone ductless mini split system to Ellen and Roger.

With heat and cooling in their home, we hope that Roger and Ellen will be comfortable this winter and we hope that Seattle does their part to give back to organizations like Rebuilding Together, Wounded Warriors, Treehouse for Kids, and many more.

We would like to thank Rebuilding Together, Mitsubishi Electric, Gensco and Ellen and Roger for the opportunity to begin our Comforting Our Neighbors Campaign.

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