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SPAN Smart Panel Sales & Installation

Take charge of your home’s energy use with the smarter electrical panel.

More Seattle area homeowners are upgrading their electrical panel to SPAN for its energy-saving analytics and smart phone enabled controls. 

SPAN centralizes your home’s energy data into one dashboard. Gain a 360° view of where your power goes. Uncover patterns in your daily energy use and unlock savings.

Flexible Home Energy

An increasing number of Seattle homeowners are opting to replace their traditional electrical panels with cutting-edge SPAN smart panels. This shift can be attributed to the numerous advantages SPAN offer. SPAN smart panels provide homeowners with advanced energy monitoring and management capabilities, allowing them to track their energy usage in real time and make informed decisions to optimize efficiency. Additionally, these panels offer seamless integration with renewable energy sources like solar panels, enabling homeowners to harness sustainable power and potentially reduce their reliance on the grid. The enhanced safety features of SPAN smart panels, including remote circuit shutdown, also provide homeowners with a heightened level of control and peace of mind. As Seattle continues to prioritize sustainable living and technological innovation, the transition to SPAN smart panels aligns perfectly with the city’s forward-looking ethos.

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