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Like changing the oil in your car, maintaining your heating and cooling system is important to prolonging its life, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. During the hot summer months and cold winter months, your unit works harder and maintenance is very important.

Greenwood Heating and Home Services offers a discounted Club Membership maintenance plan that can provide you with regular, yearly maintenance for a cheaper, safer, and more efficient cost. This planned service is available for all equipment and can be purchased at any time.

Maintenance Plan Benefits

During the hot and cold months of the year, we offer our Planned Service Members the guarantee of servicing emergency situations within 24 hours.

Sometimes repairs are necessary. Becoming part of our maintenance plan will give you the benefit of up to 25% discount on repairs that need to be done on your unit.

Being part of select Club Membership Plans means that there will never be an overtime charge for after-hours emergency calls.

Regular yearly maintenance helps HVAC units run more efficiently, lowering the cost of utility bills

Being part of our Club Membership can help you in the long run when purchasing new equipment.

Being a Club Member means having dedicated team member to provide priority service to you. 

Coming up on the time of year for service? We will send you a postcard, text message, email, or phone call; whichever you prefer!

Our Club Members receive a 1” filter change every year during service.

Regular yearly maintenance is recommended by all HVAC manufacturers. Even if your unit may be working fine now, maintenance can help prolong its life by catching problems early before they lead to expensive repairs.

In the event of a change of price, your prepaid maintenance plan will not change.

Moving houses? Buying new equipment? The maintenance plan is 100% transferable.

Maintenance and checkups on your equipment regularly can sometimes mean catching potentially dangerous situations from arising such as carbon monoxide or gas leaks.

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