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Homeowners throughout Ballard have relied upon Greenwood Heating for furnace and air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance since 1921. All of our heating and cooling technicians have been committed to providing the best customer service and perform heating and cooling services on all types of equipment from all of the top manufacturers. We are proud to offer you an overview of the Ballard area.

Before the area known today as “Ballard” (a neighborhood located within the northwestern part of the city of Seattle, Washington), became what it was, the land surrounding this area was inhabited by the Shilshole Tribe of Native Americans resided in this area, making their life off of the abundant number of salmon and clams within the region. Up until 1853, the area had no foreign residents, until this year when they received their first European visitor: homesteader Ira Wilcox Utter.

Hoping to see a rapid expansion of population within the area, Utter purchased a large sum of land. When the population boom never came, he eventually sold the land to a local judge, Thomas Burke. Thirty-six years later, Burke, along with John Leary and Daniel H. Gilman, formed the West Coast Improvement Company in order to develop Burke’s land holdings within the area, due to their anticipation of the building of the Great Northern Railway along the Salmon Bay coastline.

During the late 19th century, Captain William Rankin Ballard, owner of the land that adjoined Burke’s, joined forces with Burke, Leary, and Gilman to combine their land. However, in 1887, the partnership dissolved and the assets were divided. In a coin toss, Capt. Ballard ended up with the “undesirable” tract of land along Salmon Bay.

In 1889, a census showed that the town of Ballard had more than 1500 residents; however, by 1900, due to rapid population growth, the population of Ballard quickly jumped to approximately 4,500, making it the seventh largest city in Washington. By 1907, the population had reached 17,000 and on May 29th, at 3:45 pm, the city of Ballard officially became part of Seattle.

Historically, Ballard is a center for Seattle’s ethnically Scandinavian population, due to the opportunities provided by salmon fishing. Because of this, many residents are members of organizations such as “Sons of Norway Leif Ericson Lodge”, who celebrate “Norwegian Constitution Day” on May 17th, annually.

Furthermore, Ballard is the home to the Nordic Heritage Museum, which helps to celebrate both the community and the local Scandinavian history!

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