Greenwood Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Woodinville residents since 1921. Originally located in Kirkland, WA – home owners through Woodinville, WA appreciate the level and quality of service we provide. We are proud to offer an overview of Woodinville.

In the year of 1888, the Seattle-Lake Shore & Eastern Railway arrived in the area that is now known as the city of Woodinville, Washington. During that time, the Woodins were the first family to settle in this community, which at that time was a 160 acre homestead along the banks of the Squak Slough, known today as the Sammamish River.

During this time period, stores, saloons, roads, and bridges were built, giving the residents something to add to their little community. As the community grew, produce and dairy farming became prevalent and a post office was built (along with a school and Sunday school, which occupied the same area) in the home of Susan and Ira Woodin. However, as Woodinville grew, the Calkins family donated enough land to build a one-room schoolhouse, built in 1892. Today, this site is the current location of the Carol Edwards Center/ Old Woodinville School.

Today’s residents number near 11,000, and are bounded by the Snohomish/ King County lines. Children belong to the Northshore School District, the tenth-largest school district within Washington State. Only three schools lie within the city limits of Woodinville, however, two additional elementary schools also serve Woodinville residents.

Schools are not the only attraction to the families living here; there are over 1,100 registered businesses within the city limits, which the residents of Woodinville either own and operate or are employed by. Some of the largest employers within the city are Precor, Inc., Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Ltd, and Target.

Annually, Woodinville boasts many wonderful festivals and events, which residents and visitors alike are invited (and encouraged) to join. During the months of March and April, the city puts on a “Cityhood Celebration” as part of the larger “Celebrate Woodinville” event. In addition, Woodinville plays host to a “Summer Concert Series” throughout the months of July and August, a “Harvest Festival” in October, and a “Light Festival” in December, to help ring in the Christmas months!

Woodinville is a wonderful place for residents to reside and they have nothing but the best to say about the place they’ve chosen to live and grow!

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