Top 3 Reasons For Furnace Breakdowns

Top 3 Reasons For Furnace Breakdowns

Top 3 Reasons For Furnace Breakdowns

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Top 3 Reasons For Furnace Breakdowns

At Greenwood Heating and Home Services, we have seen it all, and we can assert that some furnace problems are avoidable. Understanding common furnace breakdown causes is invaluable to any homeowner since it helps them keep their heating system in good condition and prevent possible breakdowns. In today’s blog, our Greenwood Heating and Home Services team will cover the Top 3 Reasons for Furnace Breakdowns.

Lack of Furnace Maintenance

The most common cause of furnace problems is a lack of proper maintenance. Neglecting furnace inspection and maintenance results in various issues, such as dirty filters, which hinder proper airflow, poor energy efficiency, and, in the long run, damage to the furnace components. To prevent breakdowns caused by poor maintenance, homeowners should ensure routine furnace inspections, filter replacement, and cleaning. Doing so not only prevents breakdowns but also saves energy costs.

Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat acts as the control center of your furnace, dictating when it should turn on or off. A malfunctioning or outdated thermostat can inhibit the furnace’s performance, causing wasted energy or failure to heat your home correctly. Common issues include inaccurate temperature readings, wiring issues, and calibration issues. A professional Tukwila, WA technician can promptly diagnose and resolve thermostat problems, ensuring your furnace operates efficiently and effectively.

 Ignition Problems

Furnaces use various ignition systems to turn fuel into heat, such as pilot lights, electronic lighting, and hot surface systems. When these ignition systems malfunction or fail, the furnace stops working altogether and needs Seattle furnace repair. Possible causes of ignition problems include dirty or clogged components, outdated pilot light systems, and gas leaks. Ignition problems require urgent attention from a Tukwila, WA technician to safeguard your household from potential hazards.

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Furnaces are expensive assets in any home, and their maintenance is critical to preserve their lifespan and prevent costly breakdowns. While there are various causes of furnace malfunctions, many breakdowns can be avoided through routine maintenance, thermostat repair, and prompt response to ignition issues. If you need help with furnace maintenance, repair, or replacement, contact Greenwood Heating and Home Services in Tukwila, WA Today!